IT’S UP! My very first game is up on


Knight Terrors, it’s called. You play as a knight, fighting off nightmares in your sleep as they slowly consume you in fear.


Here’s the link to the game page. Just download, extract and open the executable to play. It’s currently in the Alpha stage, so the game’s likely to change quite a bit over the next few months.


If you didn’t read my last blog, this was made as a submission for ‘My First Game Jam: Summer 2017’. It’s held twice every year, and is targeted towards complete beginners. I plan on joining the next one too, if the situation permits.


Over the past two weeks, I learnt a lot about game prototyping, making game design decisions and pixel-art creation. It’s also pretty encouraging to see other people like me, with a similar love for games, also put out their own creations.


I will continue development on the game, albeit at a slower pace, for a couple of months from now, after which I will probably join another Jam. It was a really fun experience, and I highly recommend it, especially if you plan to make a game yourself.