The long awaited conclusion to Commander Supreme is finally here!

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Inspired by Command & Conquer: Generals


Gibson: “Central! SIT-REP!”

Central: “Tassad’s forces have been pushed back considerably, Sir. Our satellites indicate that they’re building up defenses across the river.”


Brilliant. We may have suffered some losses from that SCUD launch earlier, but we still retain most of our fighting power. In addition, Tassad’s gone defensive, and that means predictable.

Surface-to-Air Missiles(or S.A.Ms) would absolutely destroy any attempt at a direct air-raid. Anti-Tank Guns would stop Armour in their tracks, Machine Guns would eliminate or suppress infantry; all this while mortar rained hell from above. A direct assault would be out of the question.

But you don’t need a general to carry that out.


Central: “Delta and Sierra are ready, Sir. On your order…”

Gibson: “Initiate Operation Foxhound


It’s quite simple, really. Sierra team engages the Missile Batteries across the river, providing a distraction to let Delta flank their position from the West. Like any military strategy, however, the key is in the tactics.

Since mobile Flak guns could take out transport choppers, a simple airdrop would not cut it. Delta team will be dropped at the L.Z around 30 min. before Sierra launches an attack. Delta will then proceed to cross the river on a group of ‘Poseidon’ Amphibious Assault Carriers. They can withstand both heavy currents and enemy fire. As the enemy is preoccupied with the decoy attack, Delta will infiltrate the enemy base and destroy key targets, drastically reducing their fighting strength. Sierra will then join them in finishing off the base.


Seriously, who draws these?


However, since there’s one more player on the field, I can’t go all out. I predict a counter-attack from the North-East by General Zhang, looking to strike when I’m at my weakest. Team Alpha and Foxtrot will be entrenched, defending those locations. The Quick-Response unit is also ready to react to unprecedented changes in the battlefield.

To win the battle, you must be ready to adapt to it.


Central: “Delta is in position, sir.”

Gibson: “Commence attack!”


To win the battle, it must adapt to you.


*****     *****    *****


Central: “Enemy defense has been neutralized, sir. Sierra will now proceed to engage the enemy further in.”


The plan was successful, but I can’t shake this feeling of unease. General Zhang never attacked. It doesn’t make sense. If he doesn’t attack now, he’ll lose the war. Would he make such an absolute blunder? No way.


Central: “Sir! Enemy movement in the North! They appear to be General Zhang’s forces, and are moving West. At this rate they’ll intercept Sierra from the right flank!”


Shameful act‘, he said. He’d been planning this all along! If Tassad was defeated, I’d gain more resources and territory. But if he attacked Sierra and Delta, he’d gain it. In addition, his silence over all the past few hours means he’s probably built up quite the army. An attack against an unguarded flank would spell sure victory. Nothing less to be expected of Zhang!

But I already saw that coming.


Central: “Foxtrot is moving in to intercept, sir. E.T.A: Four minutes.”

Gibson: “Mobilize and ready Alpha. Provide Foxtrot with Air Support.”





Sierra’s flank will be covered by Foxtrot. Given Zhang’s recent silence, I predicted he might be up to something like this. He’s not going to attack a well defended valley.


Central: “Sir! The enemy is heavily armed. Multiple tank platoons have engaged our troops!”

Gibson: “They’ll manage. Commence the second attack!”


So I took the initiative.


Central: “Alpha has begun the artillery barrage, sir. They’re meeting little resistance.”

Gibson: “Good. Proceed with the usual.”


The usual is marching into a formerly defended position after shelling it with artillery. The formation followed is usually Tanks upfront, followed by Armoured Troop Carriers and Support Gunships accompanied by boots on the ground. It’s a widely used tactic and quite difficult to defend against.


Central: “General! Sierra reports enemy units retreating from battle!”

Gibson: “Pursue them! Divert all available fighting power to Zhang’s territory!”

Central: “But, sir! What about Tassad? We still haven’t located his command unit.”

Gibson: “Forget about it.”


He’s not the real enemy. He’s not even worth considering now. Without a standing army, he’s powerless.

Now begins the real battle.


Central: “Alpha company reports multiple Megalord tanks!”

Gibson: “Engage them with the Fraptors. Push them back with all our power.”

Central: “Quick Response has infiltrated Zhang’s base, sir!”


Now, where’d I put my coffee?


Central: “QR reports General Zhang has fled the war zone!”

Gibson: “So soon? I guess he can’t accept defeat!”

Central: “Sir! General Zhang on the line!”


Gibson: “Did you give up already? I was just having some fun!”

Zhang: “Enough! I’ve called to advise you to do the same.”

Gibson: “Now, why would I do that?”

Zhang: “It’s Tassad. He’s rigged the entire underground with explosives. You’d better get out before it’s too late.”


Central: “Sir! There’s been a huge explosion in the North West! We’ve lost contact with Delta!


It can’t be.


Central: “Sir! Multiple explosions to the East! No reports from Foxtrot or Alpha!”


How did it come to this.


Central: “SIR! The chopper is ready! WE HAVE TO EVACUATE NOW!”


I should have finished him when I had the chance.


Gibson: “Go on without me.”

Central: “Sir?”

Gibson: “And take this letter to General Watson.”

Central: “You can’t…”

Gibson: “If there’s anyone who could replace me, it’s you, Sasha.”

Sasha: “No! I’m staying! Maybe we can still turn this arou…”

Gibson: “It’s too late for that, and you know it. But my pride won’t let me go. Captain Kent! Please escort Colonel Sasha to the transport helicopter.”

Sasha: “NO! No…no… This is not how it ends! You got out of every bad situation that came up. You always found a way. You’re the Legend!”

Gibson: “…Not this time.”

Sasha: “…no…”




Gibson: “Sierra! Do you read?”

Sierra: “Yes, sir! Loud and clear!”

Gibson: “Rendezvous with the Quick Response team and head due East. Transport choppers will be ready to pick you up about 20 miles out. Avoid conflict at all cost! Over!”

Sierra: “But we can still fight, Sir!”

Gibson: “That’s an order!”

Sierra: “…Roger!”


I greatly underestimated General Tassad. His underground networks are huge, and here I was fighting a war on his soil, forgetting that fact. A blunder I cannot let myself forgive.


I’m sure Sasha will turn out to be a great General; maybe even better than me. Her excellence in commanding armies is quite unmatched. In the academy, she showcased extraordinary ability to tactically assess a situation and come up with the optimal solution.

But above all, she respects not only the chain of command, but the enemy too. She understands their weaknesses and strengths and acts accordingly, never making assumptions. And all this at her age! Girl’s got a bright future ahead of her!


As for me, I suppose it’s another kind of bright! Huh. It’s funny what the prospect of death brings with it. I feel both impatient and calm; worried, yet somehow relieved.

And all I can do is wait.




That concludes the Commander Supreme trilogy. Hope you enjoyed it!

If you liked it, worry not, for there’s more coming.