This is part two of the Commander Supreme story. There are 3 parts in total.

Link to part one: Commander Supreme (pt. 1)

Inspired by Command & Conquer: Generals


General Zhang: “A temporary Truce?”

G. Gibson: “Just till we eliminate the latest threat. Prince Tassad is a formidable enemy. I’ve encountered his forces before. It would be wise to unite against him.”


It was almost a year ago. Operation Cut-Throat. We were to seize… I mean liberate, the islands of Zaigal from an oppressive leader. He’d reportedly committed many war-crimes, but we were unclear on the details.

Anyhow, we launched the attack with around 6 battalions. However, the operation soon turned deadly, as the enemy was far more capable than we’d assumed. Battle tanks, Anti-Aircraft guns, Artillery… you name it. They had the numbers and the equipment. So, it comes as no surprise that the attack was a failure.


General Zhang: “I cannot agree to this. Uniting with the enemy is a shameful act. No, we shall continue as is.”


I was afraid this would happen. A three-way war would put any attacker at a disadvantage, as an attack on an enemy would leave the base relatively weak. This would prompt the third faction to strike. This was why I wanted a truce.

Central Command: “Sir, Recon has spotted enemy movement along the valley ridge. They seem to be transporting troops and special equipment.”

Gibson: “Attack them with Artillery. We can’t allow direct contact with our troops, lest they be carrying Chemical weapons.”

Central: “Right away, Commander.”




I don’t like it. It’s too quiet. This usually means the enemy is cooking up some plan of attack. Unlike Zhang’s forces, Tassad’s forces are invisible to our satellites. In war, information is everything. Thus, I can’t but feel blind right now.

Central: “SIR! Our base is under attack!”

Gibson: “WHAT? Already?”

Central: “They seem to have evaded our scanners and are attacking our base defences to the West. I’m hearing reports of kamikaze units and heavy Rocket artillery.”

Gibson: “Send in the Rapache gunships. Mobilize our Quick Response Unit. I want this dealt with immediately and effectively.”


The Rapache gunship is our most advanced military chopper, armed with no less than 3 types of missiles, four 50-cal guns and a laser defence system. The mere sound of it’s rotors should send shivers down any enemy’s spine.

And then there’s our Quick Response Unit. Elite soldiers trained in the art of Blitzkrieg. Equipped with the latest tech and transported in our fastest choppers. Need I say more?



Central: “The attack has been thwarted, General!”

Gibson: “Good. Now, it’s our turn to launch an offensive. We’ll have to deal with Tassad first.”


A straightforward march into their base would be effective, since our tanks outgun their’s greatly. If only we knew where their base was. It’s an ingenious defensive strategy, this. To conceal your entire base from scanners would mean the enemy would have to search the entire area, giving plenty of time for reinforcements to arrive. But I have a better idea.

We’ll send specialised stealth-detection drones in front of our advancing army. As they spot enemy units, our’s would be fully prepared to face them. We know they’ve a base somewhere West of Generals Zhang’s. All we need to do is get there. We’ll place snipers along the valley to cover our forces.

Apollo tanks and APCs will escort the convoy. Along with proper Air support, the enemy would be helpless. Superior Combined Arms Warfare is the key to any victory on the battlefield.

And this victory WILL be mine.




It was definitely effective. Enemy casualties are extremely high. If Tassad keeps this up, he’ll lose his entire army.

Central: “Sir. The enemy is retreating in large numbers.”

Strange. Very strange.

Central: “Incoming message for you, General! It’s Prince Tassad.”

Gibson: “Have they already surrendered? Shame.”

Prince Tassad: “Hahaha! You’ve done well, General. But I’m afraid I’ll have to put an end to this nonsense. Remember,  I did warn you.”


Central: “Sir?”

Gibson: “I WANT THEM OUT OF THERE NOW! Retreat and regroup at the valley.”

Central: “Right away, Si… Sir, there’s a large cruise missile… headed STRAIGHT FOR THE REGIMENT!”


How could I have been so careless? It was obvious. “There’s a Storm coming” were his words, if I remember right.

Multiple Scud missiles launched in quick succession. The effects so devastating, a witness described it as a Storm of Poison and Fire. Thus the name Scud Storm was born.


Central: “The missiles have hit, General! Around half of our force is down! We’ve lost 10 Armoured Vehicles and 8 Tanks!”

Gibson: “Regroup and proceed as planned. Prepare our Quick Response Unit for transport.”

Central: “Understood, Sir. Relaying command.”


We mustn’t waver. Not at a time like this. If we lose this battle, we’ll lose the entire war. Not on my watch.


Central: “Enemy base sighted, General!”

Gibson: “Well, then. Let’s enjoy ourselves, shall we?”


To be continued…