Video Games can tell stories of joy and sorrow, victory and defeat. Tales from the Virtual World is a series of such fictional short stories placed in the video game universe.

Inspired by Command & Conquer: Generals

“Commander! Our Allies have breached the enemy’s perimeter.”

“Good. It’s about time we pushed them back.”

The skirmish hadn’t gone well, and only now were we getting some breathing room.

“We have to press the advantage. Send in Bravo squad as reinforcements. We cannot let them launch a counter-attack!”

General Zhang and his elite tank regiment had proven quite the opponent. Backed up by General Li’s infantry division, they were a near unstoppable force. They’d taken swift control of the oil fields in the central plains, and had established a foothold just outside of our base of operations. They almost got in through our defenses too, but our advanced Laser Systems proved too efficient at chewing through both armour and soldiers.

Now that the enemy forces had thinned, the first step was to take down their Forward Operating Bases. They’re not too heavily defended, and we had the technology to destroy them with ease.


Our Apollo tanks had a special missile defense system which could shoot down a couple of (ahem) missiles before it needed to recharge. But that’s more than enough, as the tank’s 125mm smooth-bore cannon would deal with the enemy in spectacular fashion. The lack of a machine gun mount was made up by accompanying them with APC’s and foot soldiers.

“Our forces are encountering light resistance, Commander.”

Perfect! The enemy had poured all their resources into defending the valley. Little did they know we were coming by air. Our V-44 Cospreys could carry up to 300 tons of weight over short distances. They would be crucial in winning this war.

“Prepare the transport choppers. We’ll need to backup our forces before our next move.”

Which was disrupting the enemy’s economy. Destroying those oilfields would cripple the enemy’s ability to dispatch units, leading to lesser resistance. However, capturing them, while difficult, would give us a greater advantage.

“Commander! Enemy reinforcements have just been spotted Northeast of the River.”

“Do we know how many?”

“Around 30 tanks and heavy armour. Th-they have Megalords, s-sir.”


This is bad. I’d only once seen a Megalord in action. They’re gigantic; about the size of 4 of our MBTs. With not one, but two 140mm cannons, this monster could chew through armour in seconds. Just one was enough to take down a tank platoon. Truly, this was a marvel of modern engineering.





“Ready the Fraptors. We must launch a preemptive strike on the enemy forces. Drop Charlie squad by the oilfields and order them to capture. Prepare more forces in our War factories and assign them to Alpha command.”

This was going to be a long fight.




What were we fighting for?

Was it freedom? Nah. Justice? What’s justice anyways? Not that they’d done anything ‘wrong’ in our eyes. It’s probably the oil reserves.

You know, when you get down to it, that’s what we’ve been doing all along, haven’t we? Fighting for resources among our own species. Over the past 3,400 years of human history, we’ve been at war for at least 3,000 of them. Huh.

War. War never changes.

I’m sure General Zhang and I would’ve been great pals had we been on the same side. But that didn’t matter. What matters is that we’re here on the battlefield as opponents. Oh yes, I must admit, I was enjoying this. A worthy match indeed!

“Commander! We’ve encountered a new unit! They’re… local, sir.”


“They…. they’ve bombed a platoon, sir. Our forces are under heavy fire.”

“What of General Zhang’s forces?”

“Th-They’ve… been destroyed.”

“Incoming message for you, General!”

“Who is this?”

“Why, Mr. Gibson, it’s a’ me, Prince Tassad! Your forces should’ve met my men by now. I’m sure they’ll have gotten along pretty well.”

“What are you doing here? This is a restricted, military only zone.”

“Hahahaha… maybe I should be asking you this question, General!”

“Commander! Charlie squad is down!”


“Mr. Gibson. You come to our lands, and take what is ours, by force. We are left with no choice, but to show you our true strength!”

“Commander! They’re using chemical weapons against us!”

“Do you feel it, Gibson? There’s a storm coming.”



“Order a full retreat to the Valley. Cover our forces with attack choppers and Fraptors. I want long range artillery placed there, on high ground and on high alert. Get Alpha squad to defend that artillery. And… get General Zhang on the line.”


“We’re gonna have to to forge an alliance.”

To be continued…



3000 years of war: